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"The embodiment of sensuality. Her veil captivates,
           her arms move like snakes and
her presence makes her look 6 ft. tall." -Jawahir Bahia


Oriental Dancer

Performing Artist...Instructor...Choreographer...Muse....


"Phenomenal liquidity. A true sea siren. "

  Rafi'ah combines the grace and sophistication of Egyptian dance with her unique brand of creativity and skillful technique. A truly dedicated artist, her dance takes you into the essence of the music and the passions of her heart 

Known for dynamic performances, exceptional fluidity and expressive zill playing, Rafi'ah has been a celebrated performing artist and instructor for over 22 years, featured at ethnic venues, concerts and private events. She continues to inspire students and professionals alike, sharing her love and mastery of bellydance in ongoing weekly classes, private  sessions, workshops and retreats.

Her innovative musical interpretations and choreographies draw from a rich background in other dance forms, like ballet, modern, ballroom, and jazz, while blending  ancient, classical and modern bellydance with sprinklings of Flamenco and East Indian flavorings flavorings. Versatility and a gift for improvisation allows her to mold her dance to most any music or venue and she is equally comfortable and proficient dancing to live or recorded music.

Rafi'ahs Background, Credentials, Philosphy
Rafi'ahs Background, Credentials, Philosphy


"Rafi'ah translates music virtually to perfection by molding to the music, feeling each phrase, combining the melodies and sharpness of the percussion. She conveys the music deeply. Her ability to execute shape, dynamic hip isolation and then finish with a look of ultimate lightness and liquidity is a visual treat."
  -Jareeda Magazine-"The Liquid Fire Dancer"

Performances, Instruction, Choreography,
Bellydance & Performing Technique,
Meditative Dance & Healing through Movement,
Private & Group Classes, Coaching, Mentoring, 
 Workshop, Retreats, Events,
 Local, National, International Availabilty
Phone: (720-218-2821)