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  Let this be your place to share stories insights and comments, read monthly tips and tricks of the trade and ask questions of Madame Rafi'ah (dance related questions please, no fortune telling here), 
If you are reading this now, you can help me get started by sending a question of some sort for me to answer or send a comment, story, poem, etc...
then I will be inspired (forced to open)...
... Q & A-"The Madame Speaks"...
Ask a dance related question and Madame Rafi'ah will answer you from the depth of her wealth of knowledge and experience... or else, she'll just make something up...:-)



Morocan Tea
Moroccan Tea Recipe:
4 tsp. green tea
1/2 cup sugar
1-1/4 cup firmly packed fresh spearmint leaves
                4 cups boiling water
1. Rinse a 4-cup teapot with boiling water
2. Cover with the boiling water
3. Allow tea to steep at least 3 minutes
4. Stir slightly and correct for sweetness

(contributed by Kysheema,
 Grand Lake, Colorado)





...Contribute a dance metaphor:
I find metaphors (kinesthetic images) to be an essential tool for learning to dance...this section will contain some metaphors that I use to help describe a movement, some that students have come up with over the years and contributions from anyone else who has one that works.

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