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"I enjoyed my first night of class in a very unexpected way...it is a dance that seems to transform.  My whole concept of beauty changed as I watched women feel beautiful because of the new and graceful way you were teaching us to dance.  It was very profound for me. "-A.Y. , Co student 3/05


I  have performed for thousands when they found me exotic, the vogue, daring, but I have danced, at any given time, for about ten people…  They were the ones that left the theater forever different from the way they were when they came in.  All of my long, long life, I have danced for those ten…
     -Ruth St. Denis

"Dancing with the body, mind and soul."

Rafi'ah is commited to drawing out the best in her students. Her extensive experience in Bellydancing along with her background in other dance forms and meditative movement, give her an understanding of how to communicate the mechanics of movement and dance while creating a strong body/mind connection. With a wealth of knowledge to share and a broad menu of teaching methods to choose from, she is able to tune into what each individual or class needs so that everyone takes away something of value.  

Her teaching emphasizes the importance of all parts of the dance being done with precision, grace, awareness and feeling, no matter how simple or complex. Her classes help to develop this over time as well as bring forth a dancer's personal style and expression.

Rafi'ah believes passionately in the power of performing arts and of the Art of Bellydance. She is sincere in her hope that what she conveys to her students and audiences is inspirational, educational and in some way brings beauty, joy and balance to their everyday lives.


 Rafi'ahs Background includes:

Over 25 yrs. of experience as professional performing artist
and instructor of Oriental Dance,

Equally competent dancing to live or recorded music whether dancing improvisationally or a choreography and in a most any venue including restaurants, night clubs, parties, private events, fairs, festivals, concerts or theatre shows. 

Rafi'ah has danced since
childhood with gives her a rich foundation of dance studies to draw from in her performances and teaching such as Classical Ballet, Modern Dance (Martha Graham technique), tap, ballroom, and jazz ...

plus a wide range of meditative movement, healing arts and spiritual practices some of which are:

  • 8 years of Sufi practices which included breath work, chanting, whirling, percussion and drumming, dance and meditative movement for self growth
  • Continuum Movement ( micro-movements, energetics of movement, healing and meditative movement),
  • Contemplative studies of Ancient Sanskrit Scriptures and Vedanta
  • Jin Shin Jhitsu (a healing art using touch and energy balancing
  • in depth personal/inner exploration through somatic psychology, various types of meditation and awareness practices
  • alot of trial and error leading to the discovery of what does and does not work 

Throughout the years, Rafi'ahs artistry has graced the stages of national and regional venues, restaurants and night clubs including :

Taverna Terzakes, Sahara Night Club, Sorentos Night Club, Ali Babas,  Mataam Fez (in Boulder & Colorado Springs), Greektown Cafe', It;s Greek to Me, Mercury Cafe, Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant, India's Castle, Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant ...just to name a few...

as well as many stage/theatre shows, concerts, festivals, fairs, parties and ethnic events..

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Red Hand Pointing Right

"Thank you for being my teacher.  I don't think I've ever told you how much belly dancing is improving my relationship with my body and myself.  I love it and am very grateful for it."-L.K. (Co dance student)

You are doing  incredible work helping girls with body image issues. I love it and commend you. -
Jil (publisher of Enlightened Woman Magazine)

" You are a perceptive teacher and your holistic way of teaching allows everyone to learn."...Co student


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