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You're an inspiring artist to a multitude of dancers who can only dream about dancing as well and expressing themselves like you do.-K. (Co. dancer)

You are a beautiful dancer, inside and out. I feel honored to have you as a dancing sister.
(student, dancer, Colorado)

"Every place that a dancer stands is holy ground."

-Martha Graham

You turned our event into something spiritual.

(audience member at  party)

Rafi'ahs dedication and spirituality shine through. Her performances are deep and evocative, expressing the many moods of the dance while transporting her audience to a place where they can experience the sensuality, joy, and beauty of this ancient art form-...Kysheema (teacher, event sponsor Grand Lake, Co.)

Rafi'ahs dancing lends to the definition of  sinuous."      
  -Selayma  http://www.selayma.com/ 


 Your zils are impeccable.

Your exuberance fills the room.

You are so fluid. Do you have bones?

You are a wonderful teacher.  I learned more in six weeks with you than I thought I could.  You are a sensual, expert dancer-
Melanie (Co. student)

"The Casablanca and your performance was a fabulous experience last night. It's obvious that you love what you do."-(patron at restaurant)

It has been really wonderful for me to experience movements with my eyes closed and dancing without a mirror. I was amazed at how different it is.
  I was able to tune into and experience the different energies going on.  For instance when we did downs with eyes closed, I could actually feel my energy going down and connecting with the earth.  When we did ups, I could feel what you call the kundalini energy stirring up in my pelvis.  And the figure 8 was something beyond words!
    Barbara ( dance student-Co.)

"Rafi'ah is like a mythical creature. She is a modern-day goddess and she inspires magic in everything she does"....
Kelli Shafer of Lumina Fire Troupe .. www.glozonemusic.com

"Thank you for being my teacher.  I don't think I've ever told you how much belly dancing is improving my relationship with my body and myself.  I love it and am very grateful for it
."-L.K. (Colorado dance student).

"If you get
the chance to study with Rafi'ah, I highly recommend the privledge"-Casseopia-from "The Liquid Fire Dancer


































To speak with my body allows me to communicate from the deepest part of myself.-

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