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Zenobia's 1992
  The Sacred Dance
She moved as if the wings of angels
where lightening her steps,
As if the winds had taken hold of every part of her
 and the moonlight was touching her soul.
And, as the romance of the music and the dance
became her paradigm
And the lover within her only love,
She danced into the sacred fires where surrendered passions ignite the ancient songs
And the essence of a heart fulfilled
stood naked for all to see.
Rafi'ah  copyright 2000
"Here in this body are the sacred rivers:
here are the sun and moon,
as well as all the pilgrimage places.
I have not encountered another temple
 as blissful as my own body."
- Saraha

As I listen, allowing the music to nourish
an eternal thirst in my soul,
I am struck by the power of art,
crossing the boundaries of culture
as well as the boundaries of my own ego,
it's as if the deepest love existing has invaded my heart.
And then, as I begin to dance,
my image of the world becomes lyrical and rhythmic,
 time no longer exists
or at least no longer retains it previous meaning,
and in these moments,
all bridges are complete.
Rafi'ah copyright 2002
Wild Dancing by Nun
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 On the lighter side:
"Nun reprimanded for wild dancing"
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