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 "Rafi'ahs teaching goes beyond the movements. She challenges each individual to finish off those subtleties that make belly dancing so intriguing. If you get the chance to study with her, I highly recommend the privledge."
-Casseopia-from "The Liquid Fire Dancer"

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<<<<Mentoring in Motion>>> 
 click here to read about the new comprehensive program to

"Enhance Your Dance- Body, Mind and Soul"

 Rafi'ah combines her expertise in Oriental Dance (bellydance) with aspects from her background in ballet, modern, jazz, ballroom,  theatrical dance, meditative movement and healing arts. Her workshops, master classes & coaching sessions help to  accelerate learning, refine technique, develop personal style and musicality. She also focusses on ways that bellydance can be used for healing.

Some of the Workshops Available:

BELLYDANCE MASTER CLASSES- the basics and beyond, new ways to do old moves, innovative and advanced zil playing, complex dance combinations and choreographies that incorporate traditional and fusion moves. Included is Rafi'ahs unique technique and serpentine way of moving developed over the years which blends the more traditional styles of bellydance with flavorings from other dance styles.

Click for zill workshop info

ZIL DRILLS & PERCUSSIVE MOVES-For all levels and all dance styles. For anyone who wants to become more proficient, masterful, creative and musical in their zill playing....Be a musician as well as dancer. To read more click picture......

"I love the exercises we did with rhythm. It was a great way to learn to listen, hear and express the music."--Co. dance  student

RHYTHM AND MUSICALITY-Mastering timing, phrasing, feeling, rhythm identification & expression. Enhances ability to hear and express changes and nuances in music though games, exercises and short choreographies to different types of Middle Eastern music
and drumming.

....explanations and drills of various shimmies, 3/4 walks & vibrations with focus on arm positioning and posture....adding locks, pops, undulations, layering and drops..You will leave this class with new shimmy variations and a more relaxed, precise and intricate shimmy!! 

Click for Sword Workshop info
Dramatic Sword Dancing-from Elegance to Power..
Move gracefully while balancing the sword, add slinky arms, an undulating torso, footwork, floorwork, turns, level changes, interesting shapes and dramatic poses..Learn some of the backbends and "on the head sword spinning" that Rafi'ah is known for. Appropriate for all dance styles...cabaret, tribal & fusion...
BRING YOUR DANCE ALIVE & Stage presence can be learned.
Find your personal style and attitude using games, exercises, and improvisations that move us out of familiarity, comfort zones, habitual patterns and stuck places. Add emotionm depth, excitement, diversity and MAGIC to our dance while developing greater artistry and expression. Find your inner diva!!!

MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT & Slow Movement Sanctuary- calms the mind, nurtures the body, and can connect us with the transcendent. Rafi'ah teaches meditative movement and therapeutic dance for centering and self-healing or to combine with bellydancing. She will often include
some Serpentine Dance Yoga..

undulations and small internal movements used in various ways throughout the body, awareness of and work with sensations, feeling tones and energetics. Slow movement co-ordinated with breathing, various types of meditative movement and some Sufi techniques. Breaks up rigidity, relieves muscular tension, improves ability to refine technique creating more grace, fluidity, stamina, and a more

sensitive mind/body connection. 

"I was able to tune into the different energies going on.  When we did downs with eyes closed, I could actually feel my energy going down and connecting with the earth.  When we did ups, I could feel the kundalini energy stirring in my pelvis.  And the figure 8 was something beyond words!- Barbara ( dance student-Co.)


Contact Rafi'ah
to set up a workshop, weekend retreat, private coaching or mentoring session
or choreography designed to meet your needs.

More Student Comments about workshops:

"Thank you for the wonderful emails and hand outs that you have given us! They are very helpful."

"Just what the doctor ordered!  It was most inspiring and I look forward to coming to another one of your workshops in the future."- ( Colorado workshop participant)

"You and your classes are magical."-Barbara ( Co.dance student)

"You are a sensual, expert dancer and
 a wonderful teacher. I learned more in six weeks with you than I thought I could." - M. (Co. student)

"It was a terrific workshop. We all loved your warm spiritual approach."- Sherry


Innovative choreographies designed for soloists, groups and troups
...created for your venue, vision, dance skill level
or dance style (traditional, classical oriental, fusion, theatrical).

Some existing choreographies available for performances
or teaching ..

 ***"Gedida"-Natasha Atlas. (Modern Egyptian style music, precise rhythmic footwork and beautiful floating silk veils in innovative patterns...currently designed for 3-5 dancers)

***Ojos Asi-Shakira- (English shorter version and longer Spanish version- a
dynamic mix of Bellydance and Latin-Flamenco flavored
fusion movements (for soloists or group)

***"Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira-(lively playfully flirtatious dance.
Quick moving blend of bellydance and latin moves and lots of fun. Has been performed by Parker Shimmies.)

***Sea Nymph Veil Duet
to music by Jesse Cook
(a lovely choreographic colaboration by Rafi'ah and Kelli Shafer of Lumina Fire Dancers)

***"I Put a Spell on You"-Natasha Atlas
-(group dance, trancy and spellbinding)..

***Cane Dance
-well loved by all. Choreographed by Rafi'ah, Shelagh & Sahara. For minimum of 3 dancers.

***Sahra Saidi
-Gamal Gommaa  (
Precision Drum Choreography--precision innovative drum piece for 3 or more dancers. Has been performed by Darbouka Divas..

***Talikek-Hakim (edited version, lively & fun group dance.
Has been performed by the Foothills Foxes)

***Evil Mermaid Suite--(Theatrical storydance...evil sea sirens with silk veils with a story line..various songs edited and mixed by Rafi'ah...Performed by Rafi'ah & Mona Souad)

***Halloween Gothic Styled Theatrical Dances..
"Thirst" Vampire Dance (performed by Rafi'ah, Zamira & Heather
at Dnote Topsy Turvy Halloween Show 
An Evening in Transylvania Vampire Suite--
11 minute story dance to music of Nox Arcana performed by cast of 6 at Dance Macabre

Sirens Orientale Mermaid Dance--an exquisite fantasy dance with a mermaid undersea theme...beautiful music, colors,
choreography and dancers.











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Bellydance & Performing Technique,
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