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Mentoring in Motion  
...a comprehensive program to
"Enhance Your Dance
                           - Body, Mind and Soul"

Rafi'ah is commited to drawing out the best in her students. Her extensive experience in Bellydance, along with her background in other dance forms and meditative movement, give her an understanding of how to communicate the mechanics of movement and dance, while creating a strong body/mind connection. With a wealth of knowledge and a broad menu of teaching methods to choose from, she is able to tune into what each individual or class needs so that everyone takes away something of value.  
Her teaching, whether in private sessions or group classes, emphasizes the importance of all parts of the dance being done with precision, grace, awareness and feeling, no matter how simple or complex. Her teaching methodology helps to develop this over time. as well as bring forth a dancer's personal style and expression.
If you want to become a better dancer or performer, achieve certain goals and bring your dance to new levels, this is the program for you. 
Combining over 25 years of experience and skills gained as a featured performing artist, teacher and choreographer of bellydance, with a lifetime of dance studies, meditative/healing movement and spiritual practices, I have designed a comprehensive program to help you go deeper into your dance.

My background in bellydance includes:
--Dedicated and continuing studies of
various aspects and styles of bellydance, 
--over 25 yrs. of teaching including group, private classes, workshops, retreats, mentoring and coaching
--director and choreographer for various performing groups
--event producer
--featured performing artist at ethnic restaurants, nightclubs, local, regional and national venues, theatres, concerts, festivals and private events

Plus --training in modern dance, jazz, some classical ballet,
ballroom dance, healing through movement
and dance meditation including:

--continuum movement/dance, Sufi dance & spiritual practices.
--Breath awareness & sitting meditation
--mind/body somatic practices and energetics
--Jin Shin Jitsu practitioner training

Click to read more about Rafi'ahs
 background/teaching philosophies

This is a personalized program, beneficial for all levels
and all styles of bellydance.
One of the unique aspects of this program is that it is designed according to individual or group needs.
...some of the subjects that can be covered are:
--  help with reaching goals and solving problems that may be holding a dancer back in some way
 (included will be guidelines, projects, homework,
suggestions and critiques)
-- progressive skill accomplishment and refinement basic to advanced dance technique, body lines, arms,
posture and alignment
--performing technique, stage presence & emotional expression
--zill proficiency
--dancing with props (wings, silk veils, candles, swords,
canes and other props)
--musicality & musical interpretation
--improvisational dance & how to improvise

-- building of the core strength necessary 
for graceful fluid  movement,
awareness & strengthening of body-mind connection

--(coaching and guidelines for different types of performances and types of venue),

-- individual style development 
-- choreographies for solos, groups/troupes
--help with solo, group or troupe routines,
--meditative movement, breathing and dance meditation techniques
--healing dance for physical and psychological balance
or spiritual connection (if desired)

--homework projects & critiques
--"optional" testing & level accomplishment certifications,
Participation can be:
--in person,--at studio (Living Arts Centre or other)-
--at my home studio
--at your home (travel expenses may be necessary) 
--on line (skype)
as well as through specialized workshops,
master classes, retreats,
private and semi-private classes... 
with national and international availability.,

Contact me for further info or to set
up a your mentoring program, a group mentoring workshop,
or private or semi-private session

 Discounts are given for my weekly students ...
The prices will go up in 2016 so treat yourself
and set up a program now..
For private classes: $55/hour session, $95 for 2 sessions,
$165/4 sessions paid in advance (must be used within 2 mo.)
$200/5 sessions (can be paid in 2 pmts.)..used within 2 mos.
Small groups and semi-private classes are available...
for 2 or 3 in my home studio...4 or more at an outside studio
(rental fees will be added for other than my home studio)
Contact me for specifics and pricing...some work study programs and trades may be applicable

Click to read descriptions of some of my available workshops & examples of subjects that can be focussed on in mentoring program
Click to read Dancer to Dancer interview with Rafiah
                               (by Zaina Hart)

Performances, Instruction, Choreography,
Bellydance & Performing Technique,
Meditative Dance & Healing through Movement,
Private & Group Classes, Coaching, Mentoring, 
 Workshop, Retreats, Events,
 Local, National, International Availabilty
Phone: (720-218-2821)