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Fall Dance Intensive in the Rockies 2012
 Stage Presence/Performing Workshop --
--July 29th, 2007
It was a great day-
 Performance & Stage Presence Workshop
--Sunday July 29th- 11:30 am-4:15pm --
Own the stage,  captivate your audience, come out of yourself, into yourself and have fun expressing it all-
 I really enjoyed teaching this workshop and am grateful to have had the opportunity to share what I love and have learned with such "brave" and supportive woman. The day had alot of diversity..intensity, humor, heartfulness, excitement, inspiration, connectedness..and much more..I will write about it later. In the meantime, thank you to all who attended. Here a few comments from some of the participants. 
Hi Raf'iah,
Just wanted to comment on the workshop over the weekend. What a fun time, and I have to say that was one of the most informative workshops that I have been too. Everyone was so helpful with the feedback. Please let me know if you are doing a stage 2.Thanks again for sharing your experience and talent with us-  
 Hi-- Just wanted to thank you for a great workshop.  You did a great job of setting everybody at ease and you shared some great tips and information.- Cynthia

Eva Cernik

Review of "1001 Notes"

Review of "1001 Notes"
Review oDenver...by Eva
Sahira, Khadijah, and Dona B., three dancers from our Oriental Dance community took this rare opportunity to experience presenting their dance to live music.  As we know, with dancer-friendly musicians (as Rachid and Zahara are) it can be structured and loosely planned, but there is always that thrilling aspect of spontaneous improvisation.  All three dancers were able to find beautiful movements that were inspired by nuances they heard in the music. We congratulate them and thank them for sharing their joy. We were also treated to a song presented by one of Rachid's music students, Dona L.  We thank her for being brave and coming up to the stage impromptu!
Eva and Rafiah, not just feeling comfortable with performing to live music, but actually thriving on it, performed with complete abandon without loss of technique ...  Rafiah in her ever more creative costuming, and Eva in her Peacock costume, as if designed to match the mystical decor of this room at the Metaphysical Research Society.
When the floor opened up for all to dance, we all enjoyed what is often only experienced in larger cities with large Middle Eastern populations .... learning from people who grew up in the culture that nourished this dance form for centuries. We were able to dance alongside a man from the Emirates, and his lady friend from Syria.  He requested a cane, which Rafiah promptly provided, and danced naturally from his culture. They also danced Khaleegi style, and inspired several of us to really feel the "party atmosphere" in which it is usually done. We are looking forward to more live music opportunities with Rachid and Zahara  in September!
f "1001 Notes"
Review of "1001 Notes"
Review of "1001
student/teacher performance night 
on April 8 in

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